About Us - Routine

Times of activities are not specified as our session is organized in a flexible and holistic way.

Early Years Sports Sessions and Healthy Walk
Pre-school children can take part in:

Cycling, Gymnastics, Ball Games sessions, Music and Dance and seasonal sports activities daily on a rota basis.
Taking part is optional and the sessions are brief but well organised for the children. Please encourage your child to take part.

Children are encouraged to go out for a short walk in Pre-school's garden and grounds on a daily basis to become aware of the benefits of being out in the fresh air.

Children will also have the opportunity to take part in carefully risk-assessed, brief outings within, and around our community.


Children arrive

Welcoming children and self-registration.
As children arrive, they are encouraged to recognise their names and post them in a post box to self-register. An appointed practitioner will ensure children's names are entered in pre-school's register.

Free Time:
Soon after children arrive,
Children select their own activities indoors or outdoors, as a free-flow practice is in place. Continuous Provision ensures all resources are accessible to children at all times.

Group time: (Children are encouraged to help tidy equipment and materials not in use and gather in their team areas). They

- Talk about activities children would like to do (Plan) and offered activities of the day.
- Two children (taking turns every session) are made feel special by focusing on them and their interests; they are chosen to do 'special tasks'
Pre-school's Code is 'read' by the group in the children's selected language for example in English, Bengali, Nepalese, etc.

Our Pre-school code
At Trinity Pre-school; we are Kind, we are helpful, we are friends, we are safe, and we are Happy!

*Children prepare for the day by exercising/dancing to music.

Free time, sports session and Snack Bar (indoors or outdoors)
Free time constitutes the greatest part of the daily routine.

Children select own indoor or outdoor activities. Adults support and extend children's learning; they act as facilitators.

The open snack bar is available for the children to access it independently.

Children wash hands and are encouraged to help prepare and serve their own drinks and snacks. A variety of healthy snacks is on offer, such as fruit and vegetables, along with either milk or water.
Fresh cool water is available for the children to pour by themselves throughout the session.

Team/Group time

Children join their teams. This is a time for children to share their news, interests, etc. and have...

Adult led Time:
This part of the session involves reviewing children's plans and a variety of carefully planned adult led activities based on the children's interests. Usually, groups are formed by age/ability to ensure that the children enjoy the activity.

Tidy up Time :
Children help put equipment and materials away. Children's paintings and crafts are handed out, followed by the collection of coats and other belongings.

Home Time:

This is a good time to speak to any member of staff.

Note: ] The children are usually encouraged to take part in the above activities, but are never forced .