About Us - Aims, Equal Opportunities and Policies

Our Aims

1. To fulfil the needs of our local community by providing Pre-School education for children from the term before they are three years to five years of age.

2. To provide a safe and friendly environment.

3. To encourage all aspects of your child's development through play.

Through these three aims your child will develop skills in language and physical abilities. They will also build confidence in their social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth and development. This will give a thorough preparation for life and with the smooth transition to school.

The ethos at Trinity Pre-School is to recognise the prime motivation for children's early learning as being their own joy in life and the pleasure they gain from the experiences offered to them. We also recognise that childhood is not merely a means of preparing children for future stages of their lives, but also a unique and precious time to be experienced and valued for itself.

Equal Opportunities

We welcome children from all sections of the community and all children are treated as individuals. Our policy on acceptable behaviour and discipline is always to ensure that this is dealt with fairly and, if a problem persists, we will work in conjunction with the parents to help the child overcome particular difficulties.

Should your child need support, please refer to The SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Local Offer - Kent County Council website where you will find information regarding what to do if you think your child has special educational needs and what will happen next.

Policies All our policies, including equal opportunities, health and safety, fire, compliance with our constitution and The Children's Act, our current prospectus, etc, are available for viewing on our notice board. Please do not hesitate to ask for information not on display, or for copies of any policy or leaflet. Any other notices, information and updates, etc, will always be displayed for parents and carers to read. We highly recommend that parents read the newsletters and notices as these will be a main source of information about what is happening at Pre-School, any changes, dates for your diary, etc.

NB: Please note that some slight changes to policies and procedures may have to be made from time-to-time, in order to comply with new regulations and/or to help maintain our high standard of care. Policies are also available to view at Pre-school.